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Meet Coach Constance

Certified Dating & Relationship Expert

What qualifies me to walk this path with you? Well, I've been there. As a certified relationship coach, my approach stems from personal experiences that inspire and guide others. I'm passionate about helping women find the right balance between their masculine and feminine energies, an insight I discovered on my journey towards love and fulfillment.


In my late twenties, I wrestled with a deep-seated fear of men and a pervasive lack of trust. This fear was cultivated from a series of unfulfilling romantic experiences, a lack of nurturing relationships, and the absence of a father figure in my life. These trials and tribulations, distressing as they were, have enriched me with an empathetic perspective that I infuse into my coaching practice.


Approaching my early thirties, the fear of never experiencing truly fulfilling love took center stage in my life. These anxieties around relationships, compounded by my fears about men and dating, only intensified my determination to overcome these challenges.


My journey led me to immerse myself in personal development. Therapy, seminars, and relationship coaching certification courses were part of my transformative process. With each step, I dove deeper into my fears and apprehensions, learning how to help other women facing similar struggles. My teachings center on the dynamic interplay of masculine and feminine energies, which I found to be crucial in establishing balanced, loving relationships.


Fast forward to today, and I am happily married, living in Connecticut with my loving husband, our dog, Sunshine, and our cat, Fluffanutter. As the founder of the Love Minded Living community, I'm dedicated to helping women navigate the complexities of love and relationships. With the insights I've gained from my journey and my extensive training, I aim to empower women to overcome their fears, elevate their self-esteem, and find the love they deserve. My experiences, both personal and professional, are testaments to the transformative power of love when coupled with self-awareness and determination.


Community of LoveMinded Women

A community of LoveMinded people supporting and encouraging a way of loving and living that helps people like you attract TrueLove and keep it. Create, re-write or celebrate your LoveStory. Through a simple step by step system and easy peasy tools, you too can live a LoveMinded Life & enjoy limitless love.

The best community for attracting TrueLove, keeping it and living a LoveMinded Life. Bringing together fabulous women over 30 who want to stop googling their ex's and wondering is that all there is, to pool resources and learn a simple step by step system and encourage a way of loving and living while having fun, that helps people like you attract TrueLove and keep it. 

Create, re-write or celebrate your LoveStory. Through a simple step by step system and easy peasy tools, along with our community like no other, you too can live a LoveMinded Life & enjoy limitless love.

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